Musik zu einem Ritterballett ("Музыка для Рыцарского балета"), Hess 89

Авторское переложение для фортепиано WoO 1.

Время создания: 1791 г.

This arrangement of the "Knightly Ballet" is presumably contemporary with the orchestral version, which was performed March 6, 1791 at a ball held by Count Waldstein. Beethoven let Waldstein treat the piece as if Waldstein himself had written it. The ballet consists of eight parts: 1. March; 2. German Song; 3. Hunting Song; 4. Love Song; 5. War Song; 6. Drinking Song "Mihi est propositum"; 7. Dance Song; and 8. Coda. The German Song also reappears between movements, serving as an interlude much like the Promenade in Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition. According to Thayer, there were once vocal elements, which are now lost (Hess 116). No trace of those vocal elements appears in either score.

1. March
2. German Song
3. Hunting Song
4. Love Song
5. War Song
6. Drinking Song "Mihi est propositum"
7. Dance Song
8. Coda.