Рондо C-dur для фортепиано, WoO 48

Время создания: 1783 г.

Михаил Плетнёв, фортепиано

This is among the earliest surviving compositions of Beethoven, who was a mere thirteen years of age when he wrote it. He managed to get it published immediately in a popular weekly musical publication in Germany, one of the first works of his ever to be printed. He also wrote three piano sonatas at this time, in E flat, F minor, and D, WoO 47, published shortly after this Rondo. It is believed that the Minuet for Piano in E flat major, WoO 82, may also have been composed during this period. It is the more impressive work, if comparisons must be made. But this obscure little Rondo is not to be dismissed as an insignificant piece of juvenilia.

It actually contains several elements that identify it as a work of the mature master to come. Humor is already present here, and the young composer also shows a grasp of color in the ending, whose abundant ideas might have sounded better orchestrated. While this piece cannot be regarded as important, except in observing Beethoven's development, it is nevertheless a delightful light work.

(All Music Guide)