Рондо для фортепиано и скрипки G-dur, WoO 41

Время создания: 1793-94 г.


Иегуди Менухин, скрипка
Вильгельм Кемпф, фортепиано

This delightful short work was written for Eleonore von Breuning, a Viennese friend and patron of Beethoven. Shortly before he wrote it the composer also produced the Variations for Violin and Piano on Se vuol ballare from Mozart's Nozze di Figaro, WoO 40, for her, as well. Countess von Breuning was an amateur pianist of some talent, but far from a virtuoso. Beethoven therefore made a conscious effort in both these works to keep the pianistic challenges at a minimum.

This Rondo is marked Allegro and its mood is light and joyful. The main theme has considerable appeal in its Allemande-like rhythm and is characteristic of much Viennese dance music of the time. Composer/violinist Fritz Kreisler fashioned his Variations for Violin and Piano on a Theme by Beethoven on this melody. In the end, this Beethoven work is not a major effort, but neither is it a weak one. Certainly, it is deserving of greater attention.

This duo was first published in Bonn in 1808.

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