Соната для скрипки A-dur (фрагменты), Hess 46

Время создания: 1790-92 г.

Rachel Barton Pine, скрипка
Matthew Hagle, фортепиано
(запись WFMT-FM, 98.7, Чикаго, январь 2005 г.)

Only a portion of this sonata is extant; the beginnings of both movements are missing, as is the balance of the sonata after these fragments. The first section was likely part of a set of theme and variations. The missing openings of both movements makes reconstruction almost impossible. The fact that it says "Da Capo" 2 times in the Presto suggests we're dealing with a Rondo, and that the fragments are the 1st and 2nd alternatives, the main theme itself (refrain) missing. Of the first movement we have 5 bars before a repeat, but there is no clue how long that phrase originally was: 8, 12, 16 bars? At bar 7 there is the beginning of a second repeat, but no clue where the end of that repeat is: at bar 33 a new section starts in the minor key ... is that section to be included in the repeat? That's somewhat odd from a structural point of view (though not impossible). However, both movements are in A major, which suggests to me the sonata consisted originally of just these 2 movements. Had there been more, then the slow movement (the one in 3/8) would probably have been in a different key, such as D major. Upon closer inspection, we see that bars 20-33 are an (almost) exact repeat of bars 6-19.