Hess 102: 9 Контрдансов для фортепиано, переложение 9-ти из 12-ти Контрдансов для оркестра WoO 14

Заголовок: 12 Kontretänze (WoO 14)
(nur 9 Tänze für Klavier, zwei davon wahrscheinlich von Ludwigs Bruder Karl transkribiert)

Only the first 6 of the set of 12 were published in the piano version (Mollo, Vienna 1802); however, a copyist's score also contains three more which are also presented here as #7-9. It is doubtful that Beethoven ever wrote a piano version for the other three dances. Numbering of the contredanses in the midi follows that of the published score for piano, which is very different than the order of these dances in the version for orchestra. According to Barry Cooper, #1 and #9 date from about 1791 in Bonn, #3 probably dates from 1795, #4, 5 & 7 from late 1801. #2 is derived from the ballet music for Creatures of Prometheus op. 43, and was used again in the Finale of the Third Symphony. According to Shin Kojima #8 & 12 from WoO 14 (that's to say, nrs. 1 and 9 from Hess 102) are possibly arranged by Karl van Beethoven, Ludwig's brother, based on sketches by Ludwig.