Первоначальное вступление к Хоровой фантазии Opus 80, Hess 16

Время создания: 1808 год.

The Fantasia for Chorus, Piano and Orchestra, op. 80, was written in 1808 in preparation for a gigantic concert of Beethoven's works. As it exists today, the piano begins the piece alone, plays a cadenza and then the orchestra and chorus join in the finale. However, as originally conceived the orchestra began the piece together with the piano, and also provided emphasis during the succeeding virtuoso episodes for the piano. However, Beethoven apparently was not able to complete the orchestral parts in time for the concert, so the piano began the piece alone; Beethoven published the work in that form. Provided here is the beginning of the original version, up until the point the Finale begins.


op 80 begins with a piano solo - a cadenza, with the orchestra & chorus joining in the finale. As originally conceived, the piano and orchestra begin together with piano virtuoso sections coming within the piece. As B. had insufficient time (apparently) to complete the orchestral part, the published form thus has the piano beginning alone.