NOTICE TO HEIRS AND CREDITORS OF BEETHOVEN (April 17, 1827) ( Municipal Archive, Vienna)
APPRAISAL OF BEETHOVEN'S LIBRARY FOR THE AUCTION (May 5, 1827) ( Municipal Archive, Vienna)
INVENTORY AND APPRAISAL OF MANUSCRIPTS BY TOBIAS HASLINGER WITH ENTRY OF PRICES BID AT THE AUCTION (August 16, 1827) Artaria and Haslinger, publishers, together with Carl Czerny, were commissioned to appraise the manuscripts of Beethoven as found in his apartment after his death. In the first column at the right the appraisal figures are noted, next to it the bid prices of the auction. -- Without commentary here follow a few prices for which Beethoven manuscripts were sold: No. 73, two piano trios, fl. 3.40; No. 89, score of the E flat major piano concerto, fl. 3.45; No. 97, score of the Fourth Symphony, fl. 6.40; No. 105, score of the Fifth Symphony, fl. 6.00; No. 115, score of the C minor Piano Concerto, fl. 4.13; No. 122, score of the Septet, fl. 18.00. ( Municipal Archive, Vienna)