Liszt had come to Vienna for the completion of his studies and was taught piano by Czerny, and harmony and composition by Salieri. Liszt and his father attempted in vain, and several times, to make Beethoven's acquaintance. Only when Liszt played a concert in Vienna was it possible for him to meet the old master.
FRANZ LISZT IN 1824 Lithograph by Villain after a drawing by A. X. Leprince (Collection R. Bory)
PROGRAM GIVEN BY LISZT IN VIENNA APRIL 13, 1823 Beethoven, enthusiastic about the great artistry of the virtuoso who was then eleven, embraced him. ( National Museum, Budapest)
LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN EMBRACING FRANZ LISZT DURING THE CONCERT OF APRIL 13, 1823 After a lithograph, unsigned, which was published in Budapest in 1873 on the occasion of the Franz Liszt Jubilee. Beethoven generally thought little of young virtuosos and only at the instigation of Schindler had attended this concert. Schindler had heard the prodigy previous to the concert and called his immense talent to Beethoven's attention. (Collection R. Bory)