TITLE PAGE OF THE AUTOGRAPHED SCORE OF SYMPHONY No. 3 IN E FLAT MAJOR, opus 55,SO-CALLED "EROICA" The autograph of this Symphony has disappeared. The manuscript of which two pages are reproduced here is a copy used by Beethoven. In the upper right corner of the title page there is his entry: "Nb 1. Into the first violin part the other instruments are partly to be entered." Below the title by the hand of the copyist: "Sinfonia grande intitolataBonaparte. 1804 in August by Signor Louis van Beethoven." The words "intitolataBonaparte" were violently struck out by the author when learning that the "First Consul" for whom he had harbored great admiration had made himself Emperor.--At the bottom, also from Beethoven's hand: "NB The third horn is so written that it may be blown by either a primario or secundario." ( Society of Friends of Music, Vienna) PAGE FROM THE FINALE OF A MANUSCRIPT SCORE OF THE "EROICA" On this page, written by a copyist, we find numerous corrections made by Beethoven himself in his own hand with ink and with red pencil. After the work had been played several times in the drawing rooms of Prince Lobkowitz, it was first publicly performed on April 7, 1805 under the composer's direction. ( Society of Friends of Music, Vienna) THE THIRD SYMPHONY IN E FLAT MAJOR, opus 55, SO-CALLED "EROICA" Orchestral parts ( 1806), title page with dedication to Prince Lobkowitz; orchestral score ( 1809), first page with the note "composed to glorify a hero's death." This monumental work broke with the traditional style of the classical symphony. Composed in the years 1803-04, it was published in its first edition (orchestral parts) by the Bureau d'Arts et d'Industrie in Vienna. Three years later the publishers Cianchettini & Sperati, London, published the first edition of the orchestral score ( 1809). (van Hoboken, Ascona; British Museum, London)