CARLO ARTARIA (1747-1808) Oil painting by Joseph Kreutzinger In 1770 he founded, together with his cousin Francesco Artaria, the famous publishing house Artaria & Co. When arriving in Vienna Beethoven established contact with this firm. As early as 1795 his Variations for Violin and Piano on "Se vuol ballare" from Mozart "Figaro," were published by Artaria. His contact with Artaria was lasting and friendly. ( Archive Artaria, Vienna)
DOMENICO ARTARIA (1775-1842) Oil painting by Peter Krafft Domenico, Francesco Artaria's son, was the head of the firm after 1804. He continued the contact with Beethoven. ( Archive Artaria, Vienna)
CONTRACT BETWEEN BEETHOVEN AND THE PUBLISHER C. ARTARIA (May 19, 1795) In this contract Artaria assumes the printing of the Three Trios, opus 1, at the price of 212 florins; he also agrees to sell Beethoven 400 copies at 400 gulden. Beethoven retained the sale in Vienna for the first two months, at a price of one ducat per copy. After that Artaria was to continue the sale for its own account. Beethoven succeeded in having 241 copies of this Trios subscribed to. (Bodmer, Zürich)