14. Beethoven's first viennese period (November, 1792)

Owing to Count von Waldstein's efforts the young composer was given the Kurfürst's permission to complete his studies under Haydn in Vienna. Soon after arriving there, he received the news of his father's passing (December 18). In spite of a modest stipend from the Kurfürst, Beethoven's first Viennese period was characterized by his financial state, which often was depressing.
VIENNA AS SEEN FROM BELVEDERE Oil painting by B. Bellotto, called "Ill Canaletto" Beyond the park of the palace one can see the Schwarzenberg castle and the Imperial stables. In the background, center, St. Stephan's Tower. The splendid architecture of the Imperial city impressed Beethoven deeply. ( National Gallery, Vienna)
"DER GRABEN" TOWARDS "KOHLMARKT" Colored engraving by C. Schütz In about 1800 Beethoven lived at 11214 Auf dem Graben," on the third floor. The first house on the right, one of five floors, was that of the printer and bookseller Trattner. In the background at the right was "Die Jungferngasse," leading to the "Petersplatz." On "Patemostergässchen," at the left, the shop of the music publisher Haslinger, one of Beethoven's friends, was located. ( Historical Museum of the City of Vienna)
"MICHAELERPLATZ," VIENNA Colored engraving by C. Schütz Left: St. Michael's Church. On the other side, under the dome, the famous riding school frequently used for concerts. At the extreme right, the charming Imperial-Royal Court Theater where many of Beethoven's works were produced as soon as they were completed. ( Historical Museum of the City of Vienna)
"SCHOTTENKIRCHE" AND "BIS AUF DEM HOF" (a square) Colored engraving by C. Schütz The two most attractive buildings of this square were Count Kinsky's and Count Harrasch's palaces. At the right, Count Kinsky's palace, where a carriage is stopping. In the center, a lane leads to the square "Am Hofe." At the left the "Tiefer Graben," where Beethoven lived at the end of the year 1800, terminates. ( Historical Museum of the City of Vienna)