10. Beethoven's first stay in Vienna (1787)

VIENNA, VIEW FROM THE JOSEFSTADT (1785) Colored engraving by Carl Schiltz The time of Beethoven's departure for Vienna and of his stay there is not exactly known. His trip took place in the spring of 1787. He entered the Imperial city for the first time on April 7th. Most probably the Archbishop of Cologne introduced him to his brother, Emperor Joseph II, and to Mozart. Beethoven would have liked to study under Haydn and Mozart, at least for a period. ( Historical Museum of the City of Vienna)

WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART (1756-1791) Engraving by Giovanni Bosio after Sasso It is uncertain whether Mozart gave young Beethoven lessons, but when Beethoven ingeniously improvised on the piano in his presence, Mozart is quoted as having said: "Watch him, he will make the world remember him." ( Mozart Museum, Salzburg)

EMPEROR JOSEPH 11 (1741-1790) Engraving by Friedrich John after Heinrich Friedrich Füger It is not certain whether Beethoven was presented to the Emperor. Perhaps he attended a soirée at court as one of the many guests. When he left Vienna, however, both the Emperor and Mozart had impressed him deeply. ( National Library, Vienna)